Friday, September 26, 2014

Wait.. What a Mandala??

Today it's my turn over at Art Anthology to share my mandala..... NOW let me start by telling you this was really a challenge for me :) 

Heck I had never even heard of a Mandala before our team challenge as issued.So I did what everyone does.... I goggled it.


Syllabification: man·da·la
Pronunciation: /ˈmandələ, ˈmən- 


1A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

Hmm.. helpful right??? 

No but then I started checking out images and I was truly surprised mandalas are really everywhere if you are looking for them! So lets take a peak at my first ever Mandala! Using lots of beautiful Art Anthology Velvet's!

So how did I start this collage of color??  I started by sketching out my design.. here is a look at my design sketched and my first colors.

After adding all my color......

I went back and added some black to define my lines and cover up a few boo boos :) and with my white uni ball in had I added a few doodles and my first Mandala was done!

Some details just because...

I just love the dimension added with Art Anthology's Dimensional Crystals

Thanks so much for stopping by!
 I hope that I have inspired you to make you own Mandala!! I know That I had a lot of fun creating mine... I'm sure I will have more to share. After all I keep doodling them everywhere :) 

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Velvet- Desire, Tango, Limeade, Fiji, Lagoon, Shamrock, Mayan Gold and Mardi Gras

 Dimensional Crystal- Red Corvette, Sunbeam and Fairy



  1. I didn't know what a mandala was until today either! So cool! Love your take on it! It is beautiful!